Miss OverTheTop

I am every woman! A mother, a daughter, a sister, a professional, and a best friend. Growing up I didn't have much and needed to make due with what I had. I fell in love with the way women dressed in church. I found them to be classy, accessorized, and what I would call "dipped from head to toe". Although I didn't really want to dress as fancy as the women I saw, it was always important to me to see clothes as an investment. I wanted to buy pieces that were interchangeable, long-lasting, and timeless. In my 20s, I turned my talents into Personal Shopping for management staff and older women who had no real time to shop. These were not rich women but everyday working, loving, professional women who needed a little help keeping it together. Women like you and I. As time went on and career paths took me in many different directions, I began to see myself as one of the women I once shopped for, taking care of everyone and everything else but me and my appearance.

LiveOverTheTop is a way of life! It's an experience! It's picking up a few quality pieces that will last a lifetime, due to excellent quality and hand picked with a fashion forward way of mind, and using them to bring forth the beauty, passion, and flare we all have and sometimes forget! We are ALL OVERTHETOP in our own little way, now is the time to express ourselves as such! Welcome to the OverTheTop Experience! I hope it brings joy to your life as it has mine and so many of my OTT Dolls who have now become Friends and Family!